January Roses

It is nice to still have roses in January. However, the ones that are on my rose bushes now will probably be the last ones before I prune them.

January Rose, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Rose Bushes, winter rosesMy Mister Lincoln rose bush still has several blooms on it. One of them is over seven feet up in the air and I have to pull it down to get a nice smell of the wonderful fragrance.

Red Rose, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Winter RoseThe roses are nice and full and have good color. The winter roses seem to grow a little slower and develop a bit nicer.

Shaded Red Rose, Mr. Lincoln RoseThis rose is a bit darker, but it is because it is in the shade. However, I really liked this picture so thought I would share it.

Rose in Sun, Pink Rose, Winter RoseThis pink rose is in the bright sun, so is a bit washed out. However, you can really see that it is fully open. The little bud to the side has looked like this for a couple days now, so may not fully open.

Yellow Rose, Bloom in Sun, rosesHere we have a rose bush that has spent blossoms and is mostly in the shade. However, one lone bloom is in a small sliver of sunshine and is totally washed out in the picture.

I almost didn’t share this picture because the rose was simply a blog of yellow. However, I like the overall composition of the picture.

It would be nice to share the fragrance of the rose. This bush has very fragrant roses.

Do you still have roses on your rose bushes?


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1 Response to January Roses

  1. Nice! No, I can’t smell the roses!

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