Orangen Oolong Tee

While in Germany last month I bought some more tea. I mainly bought oolong teas, and tonight I tried the Orangen Oolong that I bought.

I decided in the title of the post to use the German spelling of tea. I am sure that you can figure out that Orangen is orange 🙂

Friday tea, Oolong Tea, Orange Oolong teaHere I am set up ready for my Friday tea. The filtered water is heating up in the kettle and I am ready to open the bag of tea.

Tee, Oolong Tee, German tea, tea GschwendnerHere you can see that the tea is from Tea Gschwendner. I bought it at the store in Jena, Germany.

When I opened the bag there was a wonderful orange smell. It brought back the memory of smelling the tea while in the store and wanting to try it.

oolong tea, tea leaves, orange oolong, orange peel, marigold flowersThe tea is a bit colorful as it includes some marigold blossoms and orange peel. It also has some orange flavoring.

You can tell that it is an oolong with a higher oxidation by the shape of the leaves.

steeping tea, tea brewing, oolong, glass infuserHere you see the leaves in the infuser as the tea slowly steeps. You can see the leaves start to open up and release the flavor.

There was also a very nice orange aroma as I poured the water into the infuser.

Oolong tea, orange oolong, tea time, infuser, glass tea cupHere you can see the nice color of the tea. It is not quite orange, but it definitely smells like orange.

The tea itself is really nice. It has a definite citrus taste and has a nice smooth mouth feel. I had to have a second cup right away as it was really good.

It will be interesting to see how long the orange flavor persists with multiple infusions. With flavored teas the taste can change fairly quickly depending on how the flavor is added.

I have a few more oolong teas from Tea Gschwendner to try. I hopefully will get to them soon 🙂

Have you ever tried an orange flavored tea?


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