Fall CupCakes

This evening I have been busy watching the Curse of Oak Island and so have limited time to get a blog post written. Of course, I should have written one earlier in the day 🙂

So, you get to see some Fall CupCakes from Hostess.

Caramel Apple CupCakes, Hostess snack cakes, fall foodI did not find the Pumpkin Spice ones, but did find Caramel Apple CupCakes again this year.  The box cover is a bit different than it was two years ago when I last bought some. You could look at the previous post and play ‘spot the differences’.

Caramel Apple CupCakes, Hostess, Fall FoodsI do like the art for the box as it really conveys the way that these CupCakes taste.

Individually wrapped cupcakes, hostess cupcakesWhen I opened the box I caught the nice aroma of caramel apple so was really looking forward to tasting the CupCakes.

Squiggle, CupCake, Hostess, Caramel AppleThey have definitely done some work on the equipment that makes the CupCakes as the frosting is more uniform now. The frosting is a nice color and consistency and the squiggle looks pretty good. It is not quite uniform, but much better than it has been in the past.

Fall Flavors, CupCakes, Hostess, Apple CaramelOf course the big question is ‘Do they taste like caramel apple?’

Yes, they have a good caramel apple taste. I like the consistency of the cake and there is a good balance with the filling, cake and frosting. None of them overpower the others.

I have a few left, so am going to go have another one 🙂


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