400K Milestone Saturday

Tonight I am hitting another milestone for views of my blog.

399960, Blog Views, MilestoneEarlier today I noticed that I was very close to 400,000 views. I wondered if I would make it by the end of the day. As I start to write this I am at 399,999 so I think that I might just make it.

Fall Decorations, Downtown Tracy, Harvest TimeSo, as I wait for view number 400,000 I will share a few images from my day. I had an appointment to pick up my new glasses this morning so had to go downtown. There are a lot of nice fall decorations in place.

Trina's Tea Kettle, Tea Shop, Tracy, CaliforniaAfter picking up my new glasses I stopped by Trina’s Tea Kettle & Boutique to check out some new tea items that I knew that she had ordered. Trina has some wonderful new items in her shop so make sure you stop by if you live near Tracy.

I came home with a package of tea that I am looking forward to trying.

Freshly Mown Yard, Grass, High on GrassThis afternoon it was time for some yard work. I did a little tree trimming and also mowed by yard. I had planned on making another pass with the mower since the grass was a bit think. However, there was a different type of grass being smoked nearby and it was getting a bit too smelly in my back yard.

400k Milestone, Blog Stats, 400000 viewsJust in: I have reached 400,000 views.

Roman Numerals, Bin Number, WinCo, Orange SlicesOne more thing from my day. I was feeling a bit mischievous at the grocery store. I like to pick up some Orange Slices from their bulk bins. This is actually why I started to go to WinCo. The other stores that I shop at stopped carrying orange slices.

When you buy from the bulk bins you are supposed to write the bin# on the twist tie. I was nice and also wrote it in Arabic numerals at the other end of the twist tie 🙂

I made sure that I went through a line with a checker that was familiar. She had a good laugh, especially as she knew the code anyway 🙂


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