Rainy Night Walk

This evening it has rained, which is very welcome since we had a long dry summer. Of course all summers are dry here, but it is nice to welcome the rain in the fall.

Evening Walk, Shadows, Street lightsHere is part of where I walked tonight, but it wasn’t this light. With the wet sidewalks there was not much reflection of light.

Just up ahead on the sidewalk is an area where dirt has accumulated due to a bad sprinkler head. I know where it is and am always careful, but tonight I slipped and almost fell since the dirt had washed across the sidewalk generating a mud slick. This is now lodged in my memory and I will be even more careful next time I walk that way, which isΒ  most every night πŸ™‚

Western burrowing owl, parliament of owls, owls, Athene cuniculariaI also saw an owl tonight. This picture is from three years ago, but it is the same type of owl. Tonight I saw one sitting on top of a street sign. It flew off as I approached.

Burrowing Owl, Hoot, Newbery Honor BookIt was a Western Burrowing Owl which looks like this in the light of day.

Evening Walk, Leaves, Silhouette, December Walk, Night WalkSoon the sidewalks will be covered with leaves and I will have to be even more careful when walking after the rain.

Tree lined sidewalks, walking, constuctionI guess I could try and walk in the daylight, but with the shortening days it will soon be almost dark every night when I get home.

Glad I made it home without actually falling πŸ™‚


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1 Response to Rainy Night Walk

  1. Sometimes that takes skill (Walking in the dark without falling) We walk mornings and both places you are not to walk in until sunrise! So our walking schedule changes with the calendar!

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