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Tonight I have been doing a bit of genealogy so will share a few pictures of one of the families I am working on. The title here is a naming sequence.

Great Grandpa Braman - Wedding Picture 1911 - Ford Motor Company - Old Wedding PicturesI will start with my Great Grandma Sarah Addeline Leeper who married Harvey Irvie Braman. This is their wedding picture from 1912 in Tarkio, Missouri.

Addeline Baker Leeper, John Henry Leeper, GenealogySarah Addeline’s mother was Addeline Baker who married John Henry Leeper. I am not sure who is here with Addeline, but it looks like it could be one of her four sisters. She had two older sisters (Catherine and Frances) and two younger ones (Clarissa and Lillie).

If anyone seeing this can help me with an identification I would appreciate it.

Now, if you have Sarah Addeline and Addeline, what do you think Addeline’s mother’s name would be?

Sarah Jane Sellers Baker, Grandma Baker, Genealogy, Kansas City, Old PicturesAddeline’s mother was Sarah Sellers who was married to David Baker. This picture was taken sometime before 1917 when Sarah passed away in Independence, Missouri at the age of 78.

Let me know if you are related to one of these three women. I would like to find more pictures and hear stories about the family.


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