Friday Night Football

While out for a walk this evening I passed by a High School Football game that was in progress. This brought back a lot of memories.

Ashland, Kansas, Football Team, Football MemoriesSome of the memories took me back to Friday nights when I would be on the sidelines of the football field. I did not play football, but was the equipment manager. I am one of the few people in the picture above who is not in uniform 🙂

Football, High School Football, Friday Night FootballOne of the best places to watch the game is from the sideline as you are close to the action. Of course I had to pay close attention as I needed to be ready when equipment was needed or a timeout was called.

Football Stadium, Texas Football, High School FootballWhile I was in college in Texas I had some friends whose son played High School football. I would go to the games to watch. It was quite the experience as the crowds were always very large.

The game that I walked by tonight did not have a large attendance. Even the little town of 1,000 people where I went to High School had more people at games than were at this one.

Football field, Missouri, HouseThe last place where I lived is circled in the picture above. On Friday nights I could have watched from my front porch. However, I would always go and sit in the stands with people I knew. I would also go to some of the road games. Even in Missouri the crowds were larger than they are here.

Football Field View, Missouri Football, Friday Night LightsThis was the view from in front of my townhouse. This is about what it looked like then. However, the satellite picture shows that they have a new track. Of course, I was always there for track meets as well as I would volunteer and help with timing or recording events.

Currently I do not have any friends who live close that have kids that play football so it has been a long time since I have been to a Friday night game.

It is nice that football season is here though as it means cooler weather 🙂


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