Wedding Memories

Tonight my post has been inspired by two wedding anniversaries that were this week.

Wedding, Ottumwa, Iowa, Sister's Wedding, GroomsmanYesterday was my older sister’s wedding anniversary. You may be able to pick me out in this picture. This picture brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

Wedding humor, ring bearer, mustache, combToday is the anniversary of my friends Dan and Linda. I was in their wedding many years ago and was their ring bearer. This humorous picture is actually my Facebook profile picture for today. All of the groomsmen had mustaches and were combing them. They decided that mine also needed a bit of combing.

Ring Bearer, little jacket, white jacket, weddingI was the ring bearer in several weddings back when I was a cute little boy. This picture is from the wedding of our family friends Sam and Sue.

Wedding pictures, ring bearer, flower girl, weddings, cute kidsHere I am again as a ring bearer in my Aunt Becki’s wedding. Here I am with Evelyn who was the flower girl.

Candle Lighters, Remembering Glenda, 41 years agoWhen I got older I got promoted to candle lighter. My big sister and I were both candle lighters at my Uncle Rick’s wedding.

This week I also got news of a future wedding. My oldest niece is now engaged. Congratulations Chelse.

Were you ever in a wedding when you were a little kid?


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