Where is the Bolster?

While traveling it is sometimes interesting to see how items are positioned in your room after the housekeeping staff has performed their service.

On my recent trip to Australia I stayed in a serviced apartment and one item kept moving around.

Black Bolster, Pillows, decorative pillowsMy bed had a bolster on it when I arrived and it was something that I would use for different things. It was good for propping up a book or to lay on to position myself to see the TV a bit better.

Bolster, decorative pillow, black bolsterAt first I would come back and it would be propped up between one of the nightstands and the wall. Of course, it would end up back on the bed and be there the next day when they did their service.

Moved items, serviced room, bolster, pillowsThen they started to put it in the closet with my suitcase. I assume that they just thought of it as a decorative pillow and that I didn’t use it.

This went on for a couple days and then it started showing back up on the bed each day.

Empty closet, Hidden BolsterThen I came back one afternoon and I couldn’t find the bolster in any of the usual places. I even looked in other closets, the laundry area and it just was not to be found. I then thought of one more place they may have put it.

Closet Shelf, Bolster, Hidden pillowsI got up on my nightstand and looked on the top shelf in the closet and there it was.

They almost hid it well enough that I couldn’t find it, but it was in the last place that I looked.

The last few days it was back on the bed each day. I guess they finally got the message.

Or, perhaps they were just playing a game with me 🙂



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