Five Continents this Year

While getting ready for my trip to Australia last month I realized that it would be my fifth continent of the year. I have thought about it and know that I have not been to six in a year, so I may have to think of a trip to the other inhabited continent before the year runs out.

So which continent is it?

Red Rose, California, January RosesI will start first with the continents that I have been to this year. Of course, I have been to North American since that is where I live. This was one of the first pictures that I posted this year. A rose from my garden.

Winter Scene, Market Place, Jena, GermanyThe traveling started early this year with a trip to Europe the first week of January. Here is a picture from Jena, Germany. You can see that the Christmas decorations were still up. By the time I headed back home they had been taken down.

Tim Hortons, Toronto, Canada, Morning, BreakfastIn March I went to Canada, so if I can count North America only if I make a trip somewhere else on the continent then I passed the criteria 🙂

Old Town Suzhou, Canal, River boat, ChinaIn May I made it to a third continent as I took a trip to Asia. I visited Shanghai and Suzhou, China to attend a train the trainer course.

South Africa, Eland, Largest AntelopeIn June I chalked up continent number four with a trip to South Africa. This was an interesting trip as I had a major delay getting there.

Sydney Opera House, Winter, Sunset, Sydney, AustraliaContinent number five was Australia with a trip to Sydney.

I am also thinking that if I just look at the time between the Shanghai and Sydney trips I was in the five continents in just less than two months. I stopped in Europe on the way to and from Africa.

Now I am thinking:

Should I make a trip to South America before the end of the year?

What country should I visit if I decide to make a trip?

I think that I will leave Antarctica out of the picture. I have been there before and I want to go again someday, but not this year. I need more time to plan and think about it.

What country in South America would you visit?


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3 Responses to Five Continents this Year

  1. Really Nice Blog! I would travel to Argentina.
    Best Wishes and safe travel

  2. Peru! Only because I did a report on Peru, when in Grade school, and thought it sounded like a nice place to go to. 🙂

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