Already There?

It is a little past 8:30 am on Friday here in Sydney. I am waiting for my flight to take off at 10:30 am.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner - United 787 - NRT-LAX - New Airplane

However, I arrive in San Francisco at 7:00 am on Friday, so am I already there?

Sydney Transport, Trains, Macquarie University STation

At 7:00 am I was getting on the train to go from my apartment to the airport.

Airplane Map, SFO, SYD, United Airlines

This is always the fun part of flying from Australia back to California. You always arrive before you leave if you are looking at actual local time.

Above you see the flight map for the flight here two weeks ago. It will be over water the entire way.

volunteer trees, back yard, grass

Of course, I have a long 13 hour and 30 minute flight home. However, I will still have my whole Friday ahead of me. I am just at the start of a very long Friday.

I may even be able to get some yard work done. I hope my backyard does not look as bad as this, but with the heat it might. When it gets hot little trees grow from the roots of the larger trees. It has been hot back home.

I am not looking forward to the heat, but know that it will only be a few more weeks and the worst of the summer heat will be over.

Wing of 787, Flight to Australia

Now for a snack before the flight.



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