Australian Thai Dinner

When I come to Australia I often eat a lot of Asian food. Last night was no exception as we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Khao Pla is in the Macquarie Centre just across from my apartment.

Pot of tea, Thai Restaurant

I started off my my dinner with a nice pot of tea, which to me is a great complement to an Asian meal.

Gaeng Ped, Red Curry, Duck, Thai Food

We ordered several dishes to share so we would get a wider variety of tastes.

We started with Gaeng ped which is duck in a red curry sauce. It also had lychee, lime leaf, Thai basil, Thai eggplant and pineapple.

The curry was really nice and I later had just some of the curry over rice. This was repeated for all the curries we had.

Gaeng keaw wan, green curry, chicken curry

Next was Gaeng keaw wan which was a green curry with chicken, eggplant, ginger, chilli and basil.

This sauce was a bit milder, but had a wonderful balance of textures and tastes.

massaman beef, braised beef tamarind

My favorite dish was a nice Massaman beef. The braised beef with a tamarind and palm sugar curry was really delicious.

Thai Pork Ribs, Khao Pla, Australian Thai

The restaurant is well known for their award winning Pla’s pork ribs. These ribs are twice cooked and are basted with a wonderful tamarind sauce.

I think by the end of the trip I will have had Thai food half a dozen times. Of course, I have also had Japanese and Chinese food during my trip also. I feel quite at home 🙂


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