Thursday Night Rugby

It is Thursday night which means that Thursday Night Rugby is on TV in Australia.

Dinner, Asian Food, to go food

For dinner tonight I had some leftovers from a meal that I had earlier in the week. Here are the original containers of Thai beef and spicy chicken as well as some noodles. I had my dinner as the game was getting started.

Oolong tea, Dong Ding Oolong, Dinner tea

I also made some Dong Ding oolong tea from a sample that I got earlier in the week from the T2 store at Macquarie Centre. evening tea, oolong tea, dong ding oolong

I enjoyed my cup of tea after my dinner while sitting and watching the rugby match. The tea is really good as it is a lightly oxidized oolong with a nice smooth mouth feel.

Rugby League, Australia, Thursday Night Rugby

It is nice to see a sport on TV that is only rarely seen on TV back home. The game is still on and it has been an exciting game with a lot of action.  Once the game is over I will have to see what other sports are on. Maybe I can find an Australian Rules Football game.

Now to do a little prep work for my class tomorrow. I have to make sure the students are prepared for the test 🙂


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