Hot Days

We have had a lot of Hot Days during the last couple of weeks and more are on the way.104 degrees, Hot Days, Hot Temps, 100 degree daysOn the way home yesterday the temperature was still 104 degrees at 5:15. It was not quite as hot today, but the forecast for tomorrow is 104.

Agapanthus, wilted flowers, hot weatherFlowers are wilting in the heat like my Agapanthus here. Some of the blooms still look good, but the heat is definitely drying them out.

Cats in shade, hot days, summerHere two kittens are taking advantage of what shade they can find. Any little bit can help on a hot day.

Tree pruning, yard work, Hot days, summerI was hoping that it was not going to be as hot the next couple days as I am taking some time off work. One of the things I need to do is some tree trimming. It will be a hot chore and I will be watching the forecast to help find the best time to get it done.

Cat on a fence, stray cat, hot dayI went into my backyard when I got home tonight and saw a cat taking advantage of the abundant shade. It is a cat I have not seen before so perhaps it is a stray. The cat ran around the side of the house when I went into the back yard, but didn’t want to leave. I checked later and it was still in the backyard. I will have to keep an eye on it.

One good thing is that it does cool off at night and I can at least sleep with the windows open.

Oh well, I only need to worry about hot temps for another 10 days and then I will get another two weeks of winter 🙂



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