Virtual Hike to Liberal, Kansas

I am a bit behind both on the reporting of my Virtual Hike and also the actual walking that is reflected by the virtual hike.

I reached another destination while I was in South Africa last month. The most recent destination was Liberal, Kansas which is a place that I have visited many times in the past.

Liberal, Kansas, Kenton ,Oklahoma, Panhandle of OklahomaThis segment of the virtual hike started in Kenton, Oklahoma. See my post: Virtual Hike to Kenton, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Panhandle, wheat fields, pasture, big skyThe route was through the Oklahoma Panhandle and much of it looked just like this screen shot from Google Maps. The Oklahoma Panhandle is full of pasture and wheat fields and most of it is very flat.

Speaking of flat makes me think of ‘flat as a pancake’ and here is an interesting fact about Liberal, Kansas.

Liberal is the home of one of the two pancake races that are run on International Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday. See my post International Pancake Day for more information about this event.

Dorothy's House, Wizard of Oz, Liberal KansasLiberal is also home to the Dorothy’s House and Wizard of Oz museum. It is right behind the hotel that I would often stay at while visiting Liberal.

Liberal Hospital, Liberal, KansasBack when I worked as a field service engineer I would often visit Southwest Medical Center in Liberal. It was a very long trip to get there and would make for a very long week when I would get an emergency call.

I am slowly getting back on track with my walking. While in South Africa I could not walk much for safety reasons and during the last night I stubbed my little toe in the middle of the night on the way back to bed. It was a very bad stub, but it is slowly getting better.

I have a good start toward the next destination on my virtual hike, and for those that know me well they can probably deduce my next destination which is about 75 miles from Liberal.


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