Tired Thursday Thoughts

Tonight I am very tired and am having a bit of trouble focusing on a subject for a blog post.

So, you get some Tired Thursday Thoughts.

Sleeping, nap time, grandpa and granddaughter, Throwback ThursdayThe World Cup is in full swing and everywhere but the US it is the most watched and talked about sporting event.

World Cup 2018, Soccer, Football, Lufthansa, Russia, SpainVisit my post Watching the World Cup to see some of the places where I have watched some of the matches this year.

White Lion, South Africa, LionThe main reason that I am tired tonight is that I am still recovering from my trip to South Africa.

I have a few more weeks to recover before I again take some long flights.

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerThe next trip will again be to the Southern Hemisphere so I will get another couple weeks of winter.

I am looking forward to being in Sydney again.

Kyushu, Japanese Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine, AustraliaI am hoping to eat at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants while I am there.

Now my thoughts are wondering to some of the food there so here comes a picture.

Mixed Sashimi, Kyushu, raw fish, oystersI had planned on taking a few days off this week, but some meetings and training popped up that required me to be at the office for most days except the 4th šŸ™‚

I am taking Friday off and hopefully will get some things done.

L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables - Anne of the Island - Anne's House of Dreams - Further Chronicles of AvonleaHowever, what might get done is either watching World Cup games or shows on Netflix.

The second season of Anne with an “E” is supposed to be released tomorrow on Netflix and I may just have to do some binge watching.

Nap Time, Nebraska Sweatshirt, Relaxing at Grandma'sNow back to napping, or perhaps just heading to bed.


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