A Visit to Cradle Moon

On Sunday afternoon I visited Cradle Moon with a couple of friends. Cradle Moon is a conservancy near Johannesburg.

Springbok, South Africa, Cradle Moon, Conservancy

One of the key features of Cradle Moon is Heritage Lake which is a man made lake. Here you can see a Springbok which is the national animal of South Africa. It was interesting to see them close up.

springbok, South Africa, black springbok

Here you can see two of the three varieties of springbok grazing near the lake. The three varieties are typical, black and white. It would have been cool to see a white springbok, but at least I saw some black ones.

Franz Richter Dam, Heritage Lake, Crocodile River

The Franz Richter Dam is the largest stone dam in Africa. The dam is 300 meters long and 20 meters high. The dam is on the Crocodile River and is not far from the source.

Franz Richter Dam, Cradle Moon, Crocodile River, Stone Dam, Africa

The center section of the dam is the lowest and is the only place where water spills over unless there are heavy rains. The fall of water of the dam is very beautiful and it was nice to stand in the spray of the water.

If you look closely you may be able to spot the rainbow in the picture.

Crocodile River, South Africa, Limpopo River, Cradle moon

The Crocodile River below the dam is not very wide. However, it eventual joins the Marico River further down stream to form the Limpopo River which is the second largest river in Africa.

We enjoyed our walk along the lake and then enjoyed a nice spot of tea before heading back for a Sunday afternoon braai. More on the braai in a later post 🙂


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