Ready to Fly

I am at the airport again and getting ready for two long days of travel.

Welcome Aboard - United 787 Entertainment system - Boeing 787

My first flight will be to Zurich, Switzerland and luckily it is on a 787. This is now my favorite aircraft.

United only recently started flying non-stop to Zurich from San Francisco and the flight is packed. I did not have a fare that can be upgraded so I will be in the packed Economy Plus section. At least I will have some leg room.

Flights to Europe are packed because of two things. Summer vacation is now in full swing and there are also many people headed to Russia for the World Cup.

San Mateo Bridge, San Francisco Bay, To the Airport

The drive to the airport also took longer than usual today. Usually Friday traffic is light, but a slew of accidents slowed everything down. It is a good thing I gave myself two hours to get to the airport today.

787, Boeing 787, United Airlines, SFO, PVGSoon I will be headed to the gate and will see a 787 pull up to the gate. However, for now I am in the Domestic Terminal of the airport as United is again renovating the lounge that I have access to in the International Terminal. They spent months rebuilding the lounge by security with pardons for the construction we are bring you a new lounge. However, the wonderful new lounge is only available to Polaris Class flyers who used the First Class lounge before. They are now renovating the First Class lounge as a regular Red Carpet lounge and again we have to trek half way across the airport. Argh….

Boeing 787 - United Airlines 787 Interior - Economy Class on 787 - Luggage BinsI am ready to get aboard and get my seat and I hope that I will get some good sleep on the flight. I have a very long layover in Zurich before catching my next flight.Johannesburg, South Africa, Farthest from home

My next flight will be to Johannesburg, South Africa. As the crow flies it is only 10,500 miles away, but I will be flying much farther to get there. I did have an option for a more direct flight, but it would have entailed sitting on the same plane for almost 20 hours with a short time on a runway in Senegal for refueling.

Now to relax a little bit before the long trek to the gate.


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