Some Chinese Food

Last week in Shanghai I had some nice Chinese food. In the evenings I was usually with two other trainers from Germany and India so we had a bit of fun finding something to eat. Especially as both of them had some diet restrictions and one did not know how to use chop sticks.

Tonkatsu, Shanghai, China, Chinese Cuisine, RiceLuckily there were picture menus in most of the nearby restaurants. Along with my Universal Translator we were usually able to find something to eat. It is always interesting reading the English names of food. You sometime really need to find out what the original Chinese means.

The evening I had this meal I was eating light. I had the Chinese equivalent of tonkatsu along with some rice.

Pork Rib Meat, Rice crusted pork strips, AppetizerBecause of the diet restrictions it was not easy to just order a bunch of dishes to share, especially when you are not familiar with portion sizes, etc.. I ordered this as a main dish, but it is clearly meant to be an appetizer with the way that it was presented.

In any case, it was really good. These were small portions of pork rib meat that were encrusted with rice and flour and then fried. Along with some rice it was a good meal.

Dinners in the evening were usually pretty light as I ate big breakfasts each day and always had a good lunch.

Box Lunch, Cafeteria, Chinese FoodAt the office each day we had a box lunch. Each day there was a soup and rice along with some other items. Here we have shrimp with peas, wrapped pork rolls and some vegetables.

Box Lunch, Cafeteria, Chinese FoodHow about some pieces of pork with green vegetables and some shrimp with eggs and tofu?

Box Lunch, Cafeteria, Chinese FoodThis was my least favorite of the lunches as it was very heavy with mushrooms. However the pork and broccoli and the pieces of chicken breast were very good.

I only wish that our cafeteria here had food that was always this good.

Hm, I wonder what they will be serving tomorrow in our cafeteria. Luckily I can always just order a sandwich.


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