Sunday in the Central Valley

Tonight I will just share some pictures from my Sunday in the Central Valley of California.

Ernies Taquaria, Take out food, Cinco de Mayo, CarnitasI will start with a picture of my lunch. It looks a bit messy as I accidentally turned the to-go box on the side and scrunched everything together. However, it did not ruin the wonderful taste of a carnitas combo from Ernie’s Taqueria.

I have been thinking about having this for lunch today ever since I wrote my post last night about the Battle of Puebla.

Ripening Apricots, Central Valley Orchards, Fruit TreesHere you can see that the apricots are finally starting to get a bit of color. You can just see a bit of yellow in the ripening fruit. Apricots will soon take center stage in Patterson as they celebrate at the annual Apricot Festival next month.

Ripening Cherries, Cherry Orchard, Cherry Trees, California Central ValleyThe Cherry trees are very colorful as the cherries start to ripen. They will soon deepen in color as they get closer to harvest time. However, the trees are very beautiful now with the bright red fruit laden branches.

Kitten, Mother Cat, Barn Yard CatsOf course I had to spend some time with the kittens. It was nice to sit and watch them play with each other. Of course, I also had to give them a bit of attention. One of them liked batting the strap of my camera around as I tried to take a picture.

The kittens are getting big. Above you see one of them with the mother cat who is really not much more than a kitten. She has become very affectionate since she had the litter. Before you could hardly touch her, but now she comes to me for ear rubs and will follow me around while I take pictures.

Hidden Kitten, kittens, playful kittenI took this picture from a little bit away and was just going to crop it down to show the kitten hiding in the plant. However, after seeing the background I just had to keep it.

I have a lot of kitten pictures, so maybe you will see more later this week 🙂

Now for some rest before a long week in the classroom.




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