Play Ball

It is time to ‘Play Ball’ again as Opening Day was today.

This is a day that many look forward to each year. As March Madness draws to a close it is time to start focusing on Baseball.

Baseball - Little League Baseball - Bench Warmer - Baseball Dugout - Baseball MemoriesOf course this brings back many memories of playing baseball when I was a kid. Unfortunately I did not get a lot of playing time as I usually played the position of bench warmer.

Little League Baseball - Ceramic - Baseball Uniform - State Farm Insurance - Birthday GiftHowever, playing Little League Baseball did help build my love of baseball.

Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Little League Baseball - World Series - Summer Games - Baseball - America's PastimeBaseball is in the memory of many even if they didn’t play Little League Baseball. Here is a great cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller that illustrates how many kids played baseball.

Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, Omaha Royals, College World SeriesThis time of year I also have great memories of working part time for the Omaha Royals running part of the scoreboard. A good family friend was the operator and I would help him out and fill in for him when he had to travel for business.

See: Rosenblatt Stadium Memories

Temple Terrace, Florida, BaseballSoon fields across the country will be filled with kids playing baseball and softball. It is definitely a time to ‘Play Ball’.


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