Sunset and Roses

I had two themes in my mind tonight as I thought about writing a blog post.

One was triggered by a sunset that I was describing to my mother while walking to the mail box to pick up my mail. I told her I would post pictures of the sunset.

The second was something else that caught my eye that I had to take a picture of today.

Of course, you know by the title what the second item is.

Roses, tall roses, eaves, Mr. Lincoln RosesWhile leaving home this morning some of my roses caught my eye. My Mister Lincoln rose bush is so tall that it is up to the eaves of my house. One of the roses is in full bloom and another is quickly opening. I really like the roses on my Mister Lincoln rose bush. They make me think of so many things.

Pink Sunset, California Sunset, Colorful SunsetI really love the color of the sunset tonight. I was glad that I was able to get home in time to enjoy the sunset. For the past two weeks I have left work every night long after sunset since I have been teaching classes.

Colorfu Sky, Rooftop sillouettesI like the silhouettes of the rooftops and tree in this picture. The color of the sunset is so vibrant. It didn’t last long, but was beautiful while it lasted.

Christmas Lights, Sunset, DuskThe first two pictures were taken on the way to the mailbox and this one after returning. The sky was already starting to lose color. I decided to capture some of the holiday lights along the street along with the sunset.

Roses, Sunset, Pink Glow, Mister Lincoln RoseHere is another view of my rose bush that I took when I got home. You can better see how tall the rose bush is. I also like the pink tinge to this picture. It is the reflection of the light from the sunset.

A beautiful evening to end a very busy week that has had some great moments as well as a few not so great 🙂

Now to get out in the yard tomorrow and try and get caught up on some of my yard work.


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