A Long Walk Home

Tonight I dropped Old Blue back at the dealership again. At least this time it was not because of a problem. I really need an oil change and want it to get done as early as possible tomorrow. Plus, I would really like to sleep in a bit after a long week.

Old Blue, Tracy Chevrolet, Oil ChangeYou may have seen my Old Blue Blues post from Wednesday night. I will give you an update. The tire was able to be patched, but I needed a new battery. They called me first thing in the morning for the approvals and I was on the road toward the office by 9:30, which included stopping for gas. They had asked me if I also wanted to get an oil change as it was due, but I needed to get to the office.

Low Oil Life, Temperature, Cold Walk, Car workSo, I had arranged to bring my car back for a Saturday morning oil change. My plan which I carried out was to drop it off tonight so I didn’t have to get up early 🙂

Here you can see that it was a bit cold out, so the two mile walk was made with a coat on.

White Gloves, Cold Weather WalkingIt was nice that I also had some gloves with me, as the temps were in the 30’s by the time I got home.

Goats, barnyard, animals, walkI had an interesting walk. It is amazing how many more cars are on the streets on a Friday night versus a Wednesday night. Plus, all the crazy people with loud cars were out and about and you could hear squealing tires and revving motors all around.

I also walked by a small herd of goats. I see these goats all the time when I drive home from the mall and have always wanted to take pictures of them. Now I have one.

Too Tall, Low Clearance, RV, backing upJust near the goats I saw something else interesting. This motor home was slowly being backed down the street. It seem that the clearance on the underpass was not enough. I am not sure where they will have to go to find a greater clearance.

Underpass, clearance, Clearance SignThey were backing really slow and were still moving when I looked back from almost two blocks away.

Orion, Constellations, Stars, Trees, Walk HomeAs I neared home I turned my camera skyward and took a picture of the constellation Orion. I will add it to my collection of night sky pictures. See: Some Shots of Orion

Hopefully Old Blue will be ready before lunch time. I have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow before heading off to a party in the evening.


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