Pearl Harbor Day Memories

Fifty four years ago on Pearl Harbor Day my parents got married in a little church in Frytown, Iowa.

Frytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa - 150 years - Restoration MovementEach year as Pearl Harbor Day approaches I start thinking of my parent’s anniversary. It is an easy way to remember the date of Pearl Harbor Day, or the other way around šŸ™‚

Pearl Harbor Day, Hawaii, Attack, MemoriesI usually see headlines in the newspaper and also on Facebook of the observances in Hawaii of this memorable day and am reminded that I need to make a phone call home to talk to my parents.

This has been the case most of the time, but one year I was in Tokyo and didn’t get a reminder. This was before Facebook, and there was no mention in the local news that day.

Wedding reception, Frytown, Iowa, wedding anniversaryToday of course I am remembering my parents. I always like looking at some of the pictures of their wedding like this one from the reception. They looked so young.

anniversary, wedding anniversary, Frytown Iowa, MemoriesMy mom was a beautiful bride and my dad looked so handsome in his dark suit.

parents, family pictures, 53rd anniversary, Fall picture of grandparentsThis picture was taken last fall, so was 53 years later.

I talked to my mom earlier tonight and they had a good day together.

I am now thinking about Niagara Falls, as that is where they went on their honeymoon. They drove through snow as they headed out on their first adventure as newlyweds.

Is it snowing in Frytown tonight? I just checked, and no snow.

I am glad that my parents had a wonderful anniversary together today.



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