A Daytime Walk

Today I decided to trace the steps of one of my night time walks. It is a much different walk in daytime and takes much longer since I take a lot of pictures.

I could have shared dozens, but will just post five quick pictures before heading off to Kansas City.

walk, daytime, walking, autumnHere is a beautiful well kept palm tree near my house. It is nicely trimmed.

walk, daytime, walking, autumnHere is an example of a palm tree that has not been trimmed for a very long time. It is a bit of a danger with all the dried fronds.

walk, daytime, walking, autumnIt is autumn and many people have some nice yard decorations. These are much nicer than the Halloween ones that many people had out.

walk, daytime, walking, autumnThe trees are really colorful. I like this tree as it has retained enough leaves to still show color, but you can also see the white of the branches.

walk, daytime, walking, autumnHere is the gazebo at the nearby park. It looks so quiet and peaceful. If I would have had more time and a book I might have had to sit and read for awhile.

Now to get to the airport.


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