Home to Kansas City?

When talking to friends and colleagues over the last few weeks I have been talking about going home to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. But can I really say that I am going home? I guess it all depends on how I look at it. Going home can mean many different things. It could be where you grew up. It could also be where you will be with your family, or maybe to somewhere you have lived before.

In this case, it is two of these.  First, I will be with my family in the Kansas City metro area. Second, I am going back to where I lived for most of my 20’s.

With a little help from Google Maps, I will show a bit of where I lived.

Kansas City, College Days, HomeOn the map above you see three little red crosses. These are the places where I lived in the Kansas City area. You will notice that they are all on the Missouri side of the state line.

College apartment, Kansas City, Missouri, College DaysI lived in the south part of Kansas City during college. Here you can see the apartment complex that I lived in. I have many memories of living there for almost two years. For part of the time my cousin Paul lived right next door.

Kansas City DeVry, Wornall Road, College DaysHere is where I went to school. I had started at DeVry Institute of Technology in Irving, Tx and transferred to Kansas City after the first four terms. I can see by the sign that the school has now moved to a new location.

After graduating I moved to Omaha to start my first post college job.

The Lakes Apartments, Kansas City, Missouri, AirportWithin four years I was back in Kansas City after living in Omaha and Lincoln and for a short time in Akron and then Linn, Missouri. I lived at The Lakes apartments near the Kansas City airport for quite a few years. The apartment looks a lot different as they have covered up the beautiful brick with vinyl siding.

I have a lot of memories from this apartment and many of them have flooded back in the last few weeks.

Stonebridge, Smithville ,Missouri, TownhomesI can still remember driving home on a snowy night and first seeing the town home complex that I moved to in Smithville. I finally decided that it was time to buy something of my own and actually got to watch my town home being built.

I only lived there for a few years though as my company decided that it would be better if I worked out of the home office in California. So, they packed me up and I moved to where I am today.

Things are a lot the same, but also very different. However, Kansas City still feels a bit like home. I have a lot of friends that still live there and now my sister lives very close to where I lived in the Northland. Now to convince her to take me to some of my favorite restaurants 🙂

Are you going ‘Home’ for Thanksgiving?



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2 Responses to Home to Kansas City?

  1. timholman says:

    I live in Raymore. Where did you go to school on the South side?

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