Thanksgiving Poems

Tonight I will share some Thanksgiving poems from one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

The first is very traditional and reminds me of the day of Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving, table, heavenly father, pray, blessingsThanksgiving

At the table ere we sit,

we must never Grace omit;

But, for all the good things here,

Thank our Heavenly Father dear.

So, a little child, I pray,

When we work or when we play,

Blessings on this day begun

For ourselves and every one:


Pauline Camp

The next poem is more about what is going on about the time of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Poem, pumpkins, apples, grapes, turkeysThanksgiving Joys

Carloads of pumpkins as yellow as gold, Onions in silver strings,

Shining red apples and clusters of grapes,

Nuts and a host of good things,

Chickens and turkeys, and fat little pigs–

These are what Thanksgiving brings.


Work is forgotten and play time begins;

From office and schoolroom and hall,

Fathers and mothers, and uncles, and aunts,

Nieces, and nephews, and all

Speed away home, as they hear from afar

The voice of old Thanksgiving call.


Now is the time to forget all your cares,

Cast every trouble away,

Think of your blessings, remember your joys,

Don’t be afraid to be gay:

None are too old, and none are too young,

To frolic on Thanksgiving Day.

The last poem is about fudge, but must have been written with Thanksgiving in mind since it is in the title 🙂

Thanksgiving Fudge, Charlotte Jordan, sugar, milk, butter, salt nuts, gingerThanksgiving Fudge

Sugar and milk together boil

Until in water cold

They make a soft, elastic ball

Between the fingers rolled.


Remove at once from off the fire;

Let stand until lukewarm

Where no rude jar nor shaking up

Can do it any harm.


Then beat to the consistency

Of good, rich, country cream;

Vanilla add and cinnamon,

And butter’s golden gleam.


Salt, nuts, and ginger stir in last;

Pour all in buttered pan;

When cool and hardening, cut

In squares, as many as you can.

Charlotte Jordan

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?


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