Med to Dead

Today we traveled from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea. As a result I am very tired. Of course, it is somewhat because of the jet lag after the long flights.

So tonight, only a shorter post. Since I am traveling with friends the pictures will be a bit more people oriented tonight.

Bronze Gate, Ashkelon, ArchaeologyHere are David and Lilly at the gate at Ashkelon. This was our first stop of the day after leaving our hotel. 
Lachish Visitor Center, Tel Lachish, archaeology

The next stop was Tel Lachish. We were surprised to see that the customer center was under construction. This should help with tourism at Lachish.

Pace at Lachish, Becky, Lilli and Jerri

Here are the three ladies from Patterson on the top of Tel Lachish. They are standing in front of the palace at Lachish.

Beersheba water system, Tel BershevaNext up we have Doug and Becky in the Beersheba water system. They had a very well built water system that helped with the defense of the city.

Holy Places, Tel Arad

We made one last stop before descending to the Dead Sea. This is Tel Arad which has a Judahite fortress. There is a unique feature in the fortress. It is a temple that has a similar layout to the temple in Jerusalem. It was destroyed at the time of Hezekiah.
Dead Sea, Floating

One more picture of us floating in the Dead Sea. I was a little late getting to the beach as I waited for a room assignment. Jerri had already come out of the water and cleaned up so she was the photographer as the rest of us floated in the sea. Even I can float in the Dead Sea.

More about the sites later, perhaps when I get home and have more time to write.


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4 Responses to Med to Dead

  1. melody says:

    Thanks for sharing with us; I miss you all!

  2. Marie (Lil's sis) says:

    I’m so enjoying your pictures. I look forward to more.

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