Today and yesterday were spent traveling to Israel. I left home on Wednesday morning at about 7 and arrived in Ashkelon at about 9 on Thursday evening.

Old Blue, Airport Parking, Anza Parking, SFOThe day started with a drive to the airport in San Francisco. I dropped my car off at Anza Parking. Since I use them all the time with work travel, I have enough points to have free parking for this trip.

First Class Meal, Lamb and Potatoes

I was soon on the flight toward Newark enjoying a nice meal of lamb ribs with potatoes. Frequent travel also got me an upgrade. Nice to get one when I am on vacation.

777-300, United Airlines, Boeing 777, Newark Airport, Reflection pictureI took an interesting picture in Newark while waiting to board. I was simply trying to take a picture of the plane, but also got some interesting reflections. They spoiled the nice picture of the plane, but did they really spoil the shot?

United, Polaris Class, Business First, Lay Flat

The upgrade was for the complete trip to Tel Aviv. This was especially nice as I was able to sleep for a good portion of the ten hour flight from Newark to Tel Aviv. This was my first time to experience the new United Polaris Business Class seats, and I really like them.

Route Map, Newark to Tel Aviv, United Airlines, 777-300

Here is the flight map for the second leg of the journey. It was a long flight, especially as there was a problem with the entertainment system. However, that gave me more time to sleep šŸ™‚

Tel Aviv Airport, Entry Hall, Trip to IsraelI had a wait of a couple hours at the Tel Aviv airport. I was waiting for the rest of my friends to arrive. We then boarded a bus to Ashkelon where we are staying tonight. Tomorrow we will be headed from Sea to Sea. The Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea.


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