Singapore National Library

If you have been following my blog you know that I like libraries.

I also like architecture and tall buildings.

So, with a nice fusion between these two interests I will share some pictures of the Singapore National Library building.

Singapore National Library, Libraries, National LibraryI will start with the picture that I shared earlier this week in my post Shakespeare’s First Folio.

The building consists of two 16-story building blocks that are connected by sky bridges on most levels.

Library building, Singapore, Night shotsHere is a similar picture taken at night. The dark and light sections of the building are an interesting contrast.

The library opened in 2006 and contains both a public circulating library and a extensive reference library.

Singapore Library, ArchitectureThis picture is taken from below of the space between the two buildings. There are many reflections and it is difficult to see what is real structure and what is just a reflection.

Singapore National Library, night picture, interior spaceHere is a picture taken at night from almost the same position. You can better see here what is reflection and what is structure. However, there are still many cool reflections.

Singapore Library, Night shotsHere you can see the same interior space from the side. It is so beautiful.

I think that if I lived in Singapore I would spend a lot of time in this building.

Victoria Street, Singapore, National LibraryThis is the view of the library from the driveway in front of my hotel. It is taken from the opposite corner of the building. However, it is still a very nice view.

Which picture do you like best?


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2 Responses to Singapore National Library

  1. I like the first picture best!

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