Some Singapore Food

Tonight you will just get a few pictures and minimal commentary on some of the food that I have eaten today here in Singapore.

Singapore Buffet, Singapore Lunch, Fried Fish, buffet food

For lunch we had our choice from the buffet at the hotel restaurant. I picked out some nice dishes to eat. The fried fish was quite nice šŸ™‚

Fish Head Soup, Singapore, Greasy Spoon, Local FoodFor dinner I went out to eat with one of my local colleagues. He is one of my trainers for several products. One of my students also trains on the same products so the three of us went out to get some local food.

Part of our meal came from Fai Kee Fishhead Bee Hoon. This is a place where you will only find the locals. The tourists don’t usually know about these places.

Fish Soup, Singapore, Local FoodHere is a nice bowl of fish soup. Wonderful flavor, but watch out for the bones.

Indian Food, Singapore, RojakWe also had some Indian Rojak. This was a wonderful dish. Basically you have different ingredients that are dipped in a sweet spicy sauce. The fried tofu was really delicious.

Rojak means mixture and there was definitely a nice mixture of textures and tastes with this dish.

local Food, singapore food, Noodles, Chinese NoodlesIn addition to the Rojak and the Fish Soup we had some flat Chinese noodles.

This was a wonderful meal with nice local flavor.

Of course the company for dinner was great as well.


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