Saturday Night in Singapore

This evening I went out to dinner and then took a walk with one of my students.

Katong Laksa, Singapore, Soup, Spicy soup, coconut milkFor dinner I had a nice bowl of katong laksa. This unique soup from Singapore is really delicious.

Laksa, katong laksa, Singapore, empty bowlHere you can tell that I enjoyed it to the last drop. A wonderful food that is one of my favorites when I come to Singapore.

Singapore River boats, rainbow bridge, Singapore RiverAfter dinner we took a walk to see the Singapore River. Here you can see some Singapore River Boats going up and down the river. I really like the rainbow bridge in the background.

Singapore River Boats, Singapore River, boats, colorful boatsHere is another boat that we saw as we made our way to Marina Bay.

Merlion, Merlion Park, Singapore, colored lightsI was actually a little disappointed that the Merlion was lit up with different colors. We waited around for awhile to see if they would quit the nonsense and just have the traditional spotlights on the Merlion.

However, it does look interesting and I am sure that the kids really like it. OK, maybe some adults as well. But, give me tradition!!! 🙂


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