My Longest Flight

This week I flew from San Francisco to Singapore, and it was the longest flight I have ever been on. The flight is scheduled for 17 hours and 25 minutes and is currently by time the second longest scheduled flight by any airline.

A flight from Auckland to Doha on Qatar Airways is currently the longest flight but by only 15 minutes.

United Airlines Flight 1, UA 1, Longest Flight, SFO to SINThe flight is UA1 from SFO to SIN and is UA2 on the return flight. The flight 1 designation is interesting as airlines usually reserve this flight number for a notable flight in their system. With this being the longest flight in the United system it is appropriate. There is a long history of UA1/UA2 and it has been used on multiple routes over the years. At one time UA1 was an around the world flight with multiple stops.

UA1, SFO, SIN, 787, dreamlinerThis is an interesting picture that I took from the boarding area. The reflections in the window are superimposed over the aircraft. You can even see a reflection of me in the upper left of the picture. The flight was on a Boeing 787 which is also known as the Dreamliner.

My First 787 Flight was about three years ago, and since that time it has quickly become my favorite aircraft. The 787  is definitely a much better flight experience than the 747. Especially if you are flying in economy. I am really glad that United is phasing out the 747 on regularly scheduled flights by the end of this year.

Business Class 787, United Airlines, UA1, SFO to SINI was able to use a free global upgrade for the flight which was very nice since the flight was so long. Here you see my seat which lays out flat into a bed. This made it nice for sleeping during the flight.

787 windows, Boeing 787, large airline windowsOne of the things that I like about the 787 is the large windows. Here you can tell that I am at SFO.

Hotel Grand Pacific, Singapore, Hotel RoomI watched four movies on the flight plus a few TV shows and also got quite a few hours of sleep.

I left San Francisco on Tuesday and arrived in Singapore on Thursday. My entire Wednesday was up in the air.

It was nice to finally land in Singapore and get checked into my hotel.

What has been your longest flight?


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2 Responses to My Longest Flight

  1. Barry Britnell says:

    One time, I was on a direct flight from Tel Aviv to Atlanta. At the time, a volcano in Iceland was erupting and therefore the airspace over Iceland was restricted from air travel. They routed us north over the Arctic Circle. The flight lasted a little over 14 hours.

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