More New Yoghurt Flavors

My favorite yoghurt brand has released some new flavors and I have recently found them at the store. Of course, they made it into the cart and home for me to give them a try.

I first discovered Noosa a little more than two years ago and it has become my yoghurt of choice. See Pumpkin Spice Yogurt for why Noosa uses the ‘yoghurt’ spelling.

noosa yoghurt, raspberry habanero, yoghurt flavorsHere is some yoghurt with a bit of a habanero kick. Raspberry is not my favorite flavor, but I had to give it a try. I found this flavor several months ago, and I will stick to other flavors.

Blackberry serano Yoghurt, Noosa Yoghurt, Yoghurt flavorsToday I found Blackberry Serrano yoghurt. Since blackberry is one of my favorite flavors, this one may be more to my liking.

Apple Yoghurt, Noosa Yoghurt, New Flavors, YoghurtThis one sounds interesting. I am wondering which type of apple this will taste like. Will it be a tart apple like Granny Smith or super sweet like a Fuji?

Pear and Cardamom, Yoghurt Flavors, Noosa Yoghurt, New flavorsPear and cardamom together sounds interesting. I am looking forward to this flavor combination.

I am not sure which of these I will try first, but I will try one for breakfast tomorrow.

This also makes me think about what other new flavors I would like to see from Noosa. I would definitely like to try a banana creme yoghurt. Another idea would be strawberry watermelon. This is a yoghurt flavor combination they have in Australia and I really like it.

What is your favorite yoghurt flavor?


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