Home to Rainy Weather

Today was a cold rainy day and it is only the beginning of a series of storms that should last until next Wednesday.

Of course, we really need rain since we have been in a drought here in California.

Rainy days, grass, front lawn, roses, spring foliageMy front yard is a mess with weeds growing and areas of thick grass. My roses are also starting to leaf out again. I definitely need to do some yard work, but with rain in the forecast for the next five days I am not sure if I will be able to get any of it done.

new growth, roses, Hybride tea roses, Tropicana, St. Patrick's RoseMy Tropicana and St. Patrick’s roses are leafing out as well. I can now see where I need to do some additional pruning. If only the weather will cooperate.

New rose growth, rose leaves, spring leavesI always like to see the first growth on a rose bush in the spring. The explosion of growth as the bush reacts to the warm weather and longer days.

Roses, Hybrid Tea, Pruning, Lifespan of rosesHere are the same rose bushes just a month ago. You can see that they are very bare.

Rain, Wind, Commute, WednesdayOf course driving in the rain will not be fun, but at least the days are getting longer and I may not have to drive home in the dark.

We do have some concerns with all the rain we are getting. Some of the California reservoirs are nearing capacity and must start discharging water. This may bring more flooding risk and put more pressure on already soggy levees in the California Delta region.

The city did put out a flood alert today, but only for low lying areas to the north of the city that flood on a regular basis with regular rains.

While in Australia I heard of the problems with the dam at Oroville. Fortunately they are confident that the dam is in good shape and the level of the lake is down so they can reduce flow to make repairs to the spillway.

Now to try and sleep while listening to raindrops on the roof.



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