Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day and here at home the groundhog would have definitely been confused. It has been both sunny and cloudy today.

Will it be six more weeks or four more weeks of winter? I am not sure. I am not ready for six more weeks of winter so I will just go spend the two week difference where it is summer and then I will not have six more weeks of winter. I will have either four or two 🙂

Green Grass, Backyard, Groundhog DayIt has felt like spring here today as the grass is green and there are dandelions all over the place. Not in my back yard though 🙂 The neighbors yard is covered with them.

Roses, New Foliage, Spring GrowthMy roses are also starting to show some new growth. I wonder what they will look like when I get home.

It looks like there will be a week of rainy weather ahead here in California, so maybe not too much sun to accelerate the growth.

Rain Coat, Rainy Day, Foldable Rain CoatFor me on Sunday I will have temperatures in the 90’s that will moderate into the 80’s as my stay progresses. It will also be a bit rainy while I am down under in Australia, so I made sure to pack my rain jacket.

Dandelions, Spring, Sign of SpringOh, back to the dandelions. I did have a couple in my front yard and one of them was ready to send seeds off with the wind.

Dandelion, Seeds, Blowing Seeds, SpringOff they go. I was able to catch a few of them just taking off to find a place of their own to sprout.

I have a whole series of pictures that I took so I may just write another post soon. I was having fun using the viewfinder on my camera along with the macro setting.

Now it is time for me to fly off as well.


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