German Farm Animals

While taking my Half Marathon Hike this weekend I saw some farm animals along the way.

Cows, German Farms, Fields, Hike, Countryside

The path wound through the countryside, so I would sometimes see cows along the way. They were curious to see me pass along. Sometimes I did not have a nice fence between myself and them.

Fields, cattle, Germany, hiking, countryside, JenaI did not walk through this herd of cattle, but there was a group of people walking down the road among them.

Horse, Large Mane, tail, field, country, Jena, GermanyI also saw beautiful horses like this one with a long mane and tail.

Horses, field, Germany, Jena, countrysideThis dark horse was running around in a field. It was definitely enjoying the nice weather after having several days of rain.

Chickens, Woodpile, jena, Germany, countrysideOf course, not all the animals were out in the fields. Here is a half dozen chickens roosting on a woodpile. They blend in pretty well with the wood.


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