The Marina Mandarin at Night

This evening as I am repacking my bags I will share a few pictures of the hotel I have been staying in.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsThe Marina Mandarin opened in 1985 and was one of the first structures built in the Marina Bay renewal project. The hotel was built on reclaimed land.

The hotel is only 21 stories tall and is now dwarfed by larger buildings in the area. However, I saw a picture earlier this evening while leafing through a book in a book store and at one time it stood out from the surroundings.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsThe main lobby of the hotel is on the 4th floor and I was quite impressed when I checked in at 3 in the morning when I arrived.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsHere is a view of the lobby area from the 14th floor where I have been staying. The lighting is very interesting. The steps cycle through different color changes. I like the red, but the other colors look interesting as well. In the foreground you can see the opening down to the first floor entrance area.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsThe hotel was designed by John Portman and has a large open atrium that is one of the largest in Southeast Asia.

There is a huge sculpture hanging in the atrium that is very interesting to look at. Especially as light reflects off of some of the moving parts.

Unfortunately, sound also reflects through the atrium and I can easily hear the entertainment in the lobby in the evening.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsThe elevator column is also very interesting. The elevators are in a circle around an elevator lobby at each level. There are six elevators and four of them have great views of the atrium as you ascend or descend.

In this picture they look like capsules going up and down in a space ship. A bit futuristic for the time I am sure.

Now for some sleep before a very early wake up call. I have to be to the airport by about 4 in the morning. I am not a big fan of early morning flights 🙂

I am happy that my first flight tomorrow is on a 787. This is now my favorite aircraft instead of the 777.


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One Response to The Marina Mandarin at Night

  1. I recall John Portman’s contributions to the Atlanta skyline, while we lived there from 1970 to 1984.

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