Sunday Potluck

Today we had a potluck after church services. I always like to go to potlucks as many people bring their favorite foods for others to enjoy.

Enchiladas, Mexican Food, Potluck, CanadaWe had some nice food at the potluck. The dish above is enchiladas. This was really good, nice and cheesy with black beans and Mexican style enchilada sauce that was produced and imported from the US. They were made by my friends so I was able to watch the preparation of them. It is a complicated process.

Filipino Food, Potluck, InternationalThere are several Filipino families in the congregation where my friend preaches so they almost always have good Filipino food at their potlucks. Above is a very good Filipino noodle dish. I can’t always remember the names, but when I see the food I know what I like.

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Potluck Plate, Chicken Adobo, Rice, enchiladasHere is a picture of part of my plate. I had some chicken adobo, enchiladas, fried chicken, banana chips and several other items that are not shown. They were all really good.

I had some left over chicken adobo and rice for dinner and really enjoyed my second helping of the day.

Chocolate Cake, Birthday Cake, Potluck, CanadaWe also celebrated the birthday of the eldest son of my friends. He has a big birthday later this week and we celebrated with his favorite chocolate cake. The cake was made by his sisters.

Snow Scene, April 3 Snow, April Snow Storm, Canada Snow, Spring SnowIt has also snowed most of the day and it is very beautiful outside. Hopefully the snow will not affect flights tomorrow, but mine is an early evening flight and everything should be cleared out by then.

What do you like to take to potlucks?


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1 Response to Sunday Potluck

  1. Rice N Dine says:

    Hi, I am from the Philippines and the noodles in your picture is called pancit. Glad that you loved food from our country. We also feature some Filipino recipes in our blog if you’re interested to know some of them. Have a lovely day! 🙂

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