April Fools Day

I thought about making up some fantastic story or making up a joke announcement about something, but instead I have just had a lazy day battling a cold.

Grocery Store, Produce Section, Canadian FoodI have had an enjoyable day with my friends. Watching the kids play games, going grocery shopping and even getting in a little bit of reading.

When Britain Burned the White House, War of 1812, Peter Snow

I did finish the book I have been reading about the War of 1812. It was a good book and it now has me thinking about what role one of my ancestors played in the war. I need to find out where he served. I just know that he was in the war as he received a land grant in Wisconsin based on his service.

Cow Riding, Fun on the Farm, 1950's Farm Scene

We have also had fun discussing different April Fools Day postings on Facebook. One of my favorites was the one by Quilted Northern. I also enjoyed one by a dairy company about getting fresh milk by participating in an adopt a cow program.

You can find out more about the picture above by clicking on: Fun on the Farm

Wedding seating - The Gardens at Peacock Farms - Wedding ceremony - Marriage

I remember about 20 years ago sending out an e-mail to my family announcing that I was getting married. It was full of clues that I was pulling a prank, but most people took it seriously. My older sister was so mad at me because I didn’t call her with the news first. I had to explain that it was a prank. She still was mad 🙂

Korean Cuisine, Home Cooked Meal, Canadian Food, Bulgogi

I have been enjoying some good food, but wish I could enjoy it more with a good sense of smell.

Now for some sleep to further battle this cold.


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