Five, Six, Pick up Sticks

Today I spent that afternoon helping in the orchard. The trees are still young and had been topped to ensure proper growth.

Topped Tree, Trimming, Orchard, WalnutsOur task today was to consolidate the cuttings so that the mulching machine would only have to go down a limited number of rows.

We had to pick up the sticks and then lay them straight in the row where they were being consolidated.

Pick up sticks, lay them straight, mulching, pruningI of course thought of the counting rhyme:

One, two,

Buckle my shoe;

Three, four,

Open the door;

Five, six,

Pick up sticks;

Seven, eight,

Lay them straight:

Nine, ten,

A big, fat hen;

Pick up sticks, pruning, farm work, orchardLuckily I found a nice stick that had a hook on the end. I could use the hook to pull the sticks up to me so that I didn’t have to bend down as much. I still had to bend down quite a bit though and I am sure that I will be hurting a bit tomorrow.

I did get some well needed exercise and easily met my step count goal for the day.

Gopher Traps, Pest Control, Pocket Gophers, OrchardI also helped check the gopher traps and then watched the setting of new ones. Pest control is a very important job in an orchard. These traps work pretty good as more than 20 gophers were caught this weekend.

Mitzi, Barnyard Dog, Memorial, Dog Grave, farm dogSome of you may remember my post about The Barnyard Dog. Unfortunately Mitzi was run over this past week. I will really miss Mitzi during my visits to the orchard.


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