The Forgotten Daughter

This evening I finished reading The Forgotten Daughter by Caroline Dale Snedeker.

The Forgotten Daughter, Caroline Dale Snedeker, Newbery Honor Book, Newbery Award WinnerThe Forgotten Daughter was a Newbery runner-up in 1934. The last book that I finished, Swords of Steel, was also a runner-up in 1934.

Newbery Challenge, Newbery Awards, Reading Challenge, The Forgotten Daughter

I now have only eleven books left to read in The Newbery Challenge.

The Forgotten Daughter is set in Ancient Rome and gives us a glimpse into the culture of that time. We get a look at what slavery was like at that time as Chloe the hero of our story is brought up as a slave at the villa of her father. Her father does not know that she survived due to family politics. She is truly forgotten as a daughter. The story twists and turns, but eventually Chloe is reunited with the father that does not know she exists.

Does the story have a happy ending? How does she meet her father? I will not spoil this wonderful story for you. This is definitely a Newbery book that you should find and read if you like Historical Fiction.

Downright Dencey, Caroline Dale Snedeker, Maginel Wright BarneySnedeker also wrote Downright Dencey which was a Newbery runner-up in 1928. Both of these books are near the top of the list of my Newbery favorites, so I need to find more of her books.

So, what books do I have left in the challenge?

Newbery Challenge, Book Challenge, Book List, Remaining BooksAbove is a list of the books from my spreadsheet. I have Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman on the way to me through Link+. I also have found on-line resources for two of the other books.

The first four books in the list will be hard to find. There are libraries in the Link+ system that have them, but they are unavailable for circulation. The last four on the list are available through Link+ and I will request them after I return from my next trip.



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