The Mysore Zoo

While looking through some old digital pictures I ran across a set that I took at the Mysore Zoo in India. I was looking for something else, but decided that these pictures needed to be shared this evening.

These pictures were all taken with my old Sony floppy disk camera.

The name of the Mysore Zoo is actually the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. The zoo is near the Mysore Palace and had originally been on the grounds of the summer palace of the Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar.

India, Cow, Mysore, Mysore Zoo, Cow in StreetThe pictures were taken in January 2000 while I was in India teaching several courses. In this picture you see three of my students in the parking lot of the zoo. They just happened to be in the picture I was taking of the cow. The cow had been painted yellow for some reason.

Mysore Zoo, Giraffes, Zoo in India, AnimalsNow on to some zoo animals. Here we have two giraffes. I always like looking at giraffes. They have an interesting movement, and the necks are just fascinating.

Zebras, Mysore Zoo, Striped Animals, Zoo, IndiaHere we have zebras having their lunch. I like the stripes on the zebras. Each one is distinctive.

Gaur, Indian Bison, Bos gaurus, wild cattle, India, Mysore ZooHere is an animal that you will find in the wild in India. This is a gaur (Bos gaurus) which is also known as an Indian bison. The gaur is one of the largest of the wild cattle and an adult will weigh a ton or more.

Bull Elephant, Mysore Zoo, Mysore India, Zoo, TusksThe Mysore Zoo is known for their elephants and currently have more than any other zoo in India. They have sent elephants to many other zoos in India.

This huge male African elephant was one of the many elephants that they had at the zoo.

This pictures also bring back memories of Boating on the Cauvery which we also did on the same day.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my memories of this trip to the zoo in India.


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