Boy Scout Series

Back in the early 1900’s there was a lot of competition between publishers for the attention of juvenile readers. There were many series of books on different subjects. You may remember some of the more popular ones like Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins, The Boxcar Children, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

There were also multiple series about Boy Scouts. These came at a time just after the Boy Scout movement began.

I have a few of these books on my shelves. Some of them I have had for decades, but some of them I have added to my collection more recently.

These books catch my since I am an Eagle Scout. I don’t see them often, but I pick them up if the price is reasonable.

Boy Scout Electricians, Ralphson, Book Series, Boy ScoutsBoy Scout Electricians or The Hidden Dynamo by Scout Master G. Harvey Ralphson is from a series by M.A. Donohue & Co. The series has 20 titles that were written from 1911 to 1916.

This is the only title I have from this series. I picked up this book today at the library book sale.

The Boy Scouts of the Air at Greenwood School, Reilly & Lee, Gordon StuartThe Boy Scouts of the Air at Greenwood School by Gordon Stuart was published by the Reilly & Lee Co. The Boy Scouts of the Air series has at least 14 volumes written between 1912 and 1922. The series was written by ghost writers with the first five being written by Harry Lincoln Sayler.

The Boy Scouts and the Army Airship, Lieut Howard Payson, John Henry GoldfrapThe Boy Scouts and the Army Airship by Lieut. Howard Payson was originally published by Hurst. This series has 14 titles published between 1912 and 1918.

Lieut. Howard Payson was a pseudonym of John Henry Goldfrap. He wrote at least eight series using at least five pseudonyms.

Boy Scouts in Camp, George Durston, Saalfield Publishing CompanyThe Boy Scouts in Camp by George Durston was published by the Saalfield Publishing Company. This is the first of the series of 24 titles written between 1912 and 1921. The author of each book in the series was listed as either George Durston or Robert Maitland, but different ghost writers were used. A large number of the books in the series was written by Georgia Roberts Durston.

What was your favorite series of books from when you were a kid?



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3 Responses to Boy Scout Series

  1. Audrey says:

    I’ve read some of Ralphson’s Boy Scout books. They are entertaining, if unrealistic. They do things like solve mysteries, build an airplane and fly it across the Atlantic, and save Kaiser Wilhelm’s life! They don’t even have a scoutmaster. And I just finished Percy Keese Fitzhugh’s “Tom Slade: Boy Scout of the Moving Pictures.” One of the characters is into a parody of some of the more unrealistic Boy Scout books, and ends up hurting someone while trying to act heroic.
    What a coincidence that I found this the day after finishing the Fitzhugh book! I Googled “Amish in California,” read your post on it, then saw this under “Recent Posts”.

  2. addieharris says:

    Steven, I am interested in Saalfield’s Boy Scout series books written by Georgia Roberts Durston. I have just started to match the books in the series to the ghost writers and it is not easy. So far I have used the Library of Congress Copyright Catalog to confirm that Georgia Roberts Durston held the copyright for “The Boy Scouts’ Champion Recruit,” “Boy Scouts’ Defiance,” Boy Scouts’ Challenge,” “Boy Scouts Under the Stars and Stripes,” and “The Boy Scouts on a Submarine.” I have three titles “BS in Camp,” “BS to the Rescue,” and “BS on the Trail” copyright held by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey. I have four titles “BS Afloat,” “BS Automobilists,” “BS Firefighters,” and “BS Aviators” copyright by W. A. Wolff and one title “BS Pathfinders” copyright held by J. W. Duffield. Other sources, like WorldCat, have turned out to be unreliable. Do you have a lot of books in this series?

  3. vanbraman says:

    Addie, I only have one of the Saalfield books. The one that is pictured. I do have a link to a site that has more information. I will e-mail it to you.

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