Vintage Rose Post Cards

Tonight I will share a few post cards from my collection. These come from the family archives.

My mind has wandered to post cards tonight since I posted about Ancestral Postmasters last night.

Vintage Post Card, Rose Post Card, Personalized Post Card, Pearl Row, greetingsThe first post card has a beautiful arrangement of roses on the front.

The script on the card reads ‘Greetings from Pearl Row.’

Pearl Row was my great-grandmother.

Evidently she had some personalized post cards made up.

Post Card, Post Card Back, Vintage Post Card, Postage, Greeting CardThe post card was not sent, so I can show the text that is in the area for the stamp. You could send a post card to the United States, Canada and Mexico for only one cent. For other countries you needed two cents.

You can also see the embossing of the card in this view of the back.

The card was not sent, but handwritten on the back is ‘To Will Hotchkiss’.

William Hotchkiss was my great-grandfather, so this was probably given to him when he was courting my great-grandmother. They were married in December of 1912.

Yellow Roses, Post Card, Vintage Post Card, RosesI really like this post card. You should know by now that yellow is my favorite color for roses. The roses are nicely arranged in the vase.

Post Card, Vintage Post Card, Early 1900's post cardIn this view you can again see that the post card is embossed and also a little different design on the back of the card.

This post card was also hand delivered. The back of the card reads ‘Eugene to his kind and loving mother.’

No date is on the card, but it looks like it is from the same time period. The card is from my great-grandfather’s brother.

Rose Post Card, Vintage Post Card, Roses, 1909 Post CardI also like the roses on this card. The bi-color petals are really pretty. It is the only one of the three cards in this post that is not embossed and also the only one that was sent through the mail.

Post Card Stamp, Benjamin Franklin, Mendon, Missouri, 1909This card was sent from Mendon, Missouri on September 21, 1909 Celia Hotchkiss. The card had a ways to travel to get to Millersburg, Iowa.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at Vintage Rose Post Cards.

Which one is your favorite?


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