Foggy Weather

For the last couple of years we have not had very much dense fog in our area. This is because we have had very little winter rain. This year however we had a lot of early winter rain and the dense fog has been paying a visit for the past couple of weeks.

Foggy Commute, Dense Fog, Weather, Altamont PassAlthough tempted, I have only taken a few pictures of the fog while driving. Also I have only taken pictures when I have had some visibility, so these pictures do not even begin to tell the story of how bad the fog has been.

The picture above was taken while driving up the Altamont Pass on the way to work. Imagine this same scene a couple miles before this where I could just barely see the tail lights of a car this far in front of me and I would be driving at half of the speed.

Also, I have not taken any pictures of the fog at night when it is many times worse.

Dense Fog, Commute Traffic, California Winter Weather, Valley FogThe fog has been so dense at times that you can barely see a few car lengths in front of you. However it amazes me at the way people will drive in this fog. It is not uncommon to come across people who do not have their lights on when driving in fog. Do they not know that they are not visible to others? It is much more important to have your lights on for others than to have them on for yourself. When driving in daylight fog your lights do not help much for your own visibility, but they definitely help others to see you.

Cars in Fog, Foggy Commute, Dense Fog, Visibility in FogLight colored cars will almost entirely disappear in fog if they do not have their lights on. Of course at night your lights will help in the fog, but make sure you do not put on your high beams. Driving with low beams is much more effective as the light is not scattered as much.

Thankfully my car has fog lights and I can turn them on at night to better see the road. Especially when in some cases I have had to drive as slow as 15-20 miles an hour to see far enough ahead through the fog.

The use of fog lights really brings to life the message of the following verse:

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105 ESV

When we have difficult times in our life we need to slow down and let the word of God light up our way.

Fog, Street Lights, Traffic Signals, Foggy DayHere is another good example of how dense the fog has been. I am only a little way from this intersection and you can barely see the traffic lights.

Fog, Trees in Fog, Driving in FogYou can’t see too far ahead in this view. Luckily my drive through the fog was about over as work was just ahead. Normally I could see my office from here, but not this day.

I just looked at the weather forecast which calls for dense fog in the morning for the rest of the week. Oh what fun!

Now to look forward to the end of next week when we will get to see the sun again.

Be careful out there!


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