Course Dinner in Japan

Tonight my co-teacher and I went out to dinner with our students.

Since we were going to a traditional Japanese restaurant, we had to take off our shoes.

Shoe Lockers, Tokyo Japan, Wooden Keys, Storage LockersFor more about shoe lockers see my post: Japanese Locker

The lockers here were not as nice as the ones shown in the previous post.

Of course, what is a course dinner without food. I know that is what you want to see, so here we go.

Japanese Eggplant dish, Japanese Cuisine, Eggplant, Japanese RestaurantI really like the way that Japanese food is presented. We truly eat with our eyes.

This was a really nice eggplant dish.

Japanese Food, Salad, Japanese cuisine, Noodles, saladWe also had some nice salad. I like the seaweed strips on top of the salad.

japanes sashimi dish, Japanese cuisine, Japanese Food, Raw FishA nice plate of sashimi came out next. Do not confuse this with sushi, which includes rice. This is sashimi which is thinly sliced pieces of fresh fish.

Skewers, Skewered Meat, Assorted Meats, Japanese CuisineThen we had some skewers of assorted meats. You probably don’t want to know all the different cuts of meat represented here. Most of these would not be eaten by the average American.

Fried Octopus, French Fries, Japanese Cuisine, Japanese FoodThis was another very nice dish. It looks like we have some french fries and fried chicken pieces. Think again. The french fries is correct, but they came with fried octopus that was really nice.

Hot pot, Japanese Cuisine, Japanese food, nabemonoThe star of the meal was nabemono or Japanese hot pot. There were all kind of nice things in this post including chicken, meatballs, tofu and assorted vegetables.

Nabemono, Hot Pot, Japanese CuisineHere is the pot a little later in the process as the items start to cook. Once the food is cooked we eat most of it, but leave some of the rich broth for the next step in the process.

Nabemono, Rice, Hot Pot, Japanese CuisineRice and egg is then cooked in the remaining broth. This leads to a nice rich rice dish with all the little bits left from earlier.

This also reminded me of my post A Little Seoul Food, which featured hot pot with a Korean twist.

Ice Cream Dessert, Beautiful Food, Japanese Cuisine, Peach Ice CreamI finished off my meal with some nice peach ice cream and some frozen berries. The plate was almost too pretty to dig into, but only long enough to take a picture.

OK, I need to stop looking at food pictures before I get hungry again.

Which of these dishes would you want to try?




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5 Responses to Course Dinner in Japan

  1. Some of those look a bit too raw for my taste. I think I’d choose the octopus and french fries.

  2. Uncle Spike says:

    Which? Try… all of the above. Love Japanese dining, alas not a hope out here, so I’m gonna feast my eyes on these images tonight instead 🙂

  3. Too much meat and seafood! I can’t eat any of it.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    I don’t think l could eat any of it either 😦

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