More December Color

While looking for something else I ran across a set of pictures that I had planned on sharing last December. I never did get them posted, so tonight they will finally get their chance.

I was also inspired by a post from two years ago: December Color

Campo di Bocce, Livermore, California, December ColorOne of the work teams that I am on celebrated our achievements at Campo di Bocce in Livermore last December. I will not share pictures of our pitiful performance at bocce ball. Instead, I will share some pictures that I took of the surroundings.

Colorful Old Tree, Fall Color, December Color, LivermoreHere we have a beautiful old tree with nice bright colors. We were playing on the outdoor bocce courts and could look out on this colorful scene.

Colorful Vinyard, Livermore Hills, December color, Scenic LivermoreHere is a picture without the tree in the way. You can see the neighboring vineyard with the Livermore Hills in the background.

Livermore has many vineyards and they are really beautiful at different times of the year.

Livermore Hills, Livermore Vineyards, Campo di Bocce, Ruby Hill VineyardI took this picture a little bit later as we were leaving. The sun is starting to set behind me and the hills in the distance were darkening. I really liked the look of the clouds in the sky as they were starting to reflect some of the color of the sun.

I especially like these colorful pictures after commuting through the rain both ways today. This morning was a treacherous journey through rain and fog and this evening it was wet, dark and dreary.

Hopefully tomorrow will not be a Wet and Windy Wednesday.


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3 Responses to More December Color

  1. Sheryl says:

    What a beautiful area!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Lovely …

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