Thanksgiving Prayer

Here is an interesting clipping that I found in one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

A Farmer's Prayer for Thanksgiving, Sam Guard, Harold M. Lambert, Thanksgiving

A Farmer’s Prayer for Thanksgiving

Lord of harvests, Keeper of our feedlots and orchards, we thank thee for a turkey that is fat.

We thank thee for bread with butter on it.

Would we could set music to the glorious autumn song of praise that rises from these frosted, browning stalks of corn, bent with ears of gold. Accept the fragrance of red clover in yon mow as burnt incense rising from the holy earthen alter of this stock-farm.

Help us to be humble, just, and kind as thy servant said — especially kind to those creatures over whom thou gave us original dominion, which we have subdued and fattened and multiplied and milked according to thy direction.

Make us good shepherds to them as thou art the Good Shepherd to us.

Bless all thine own children about this board or absent from it.

And make our hearts big enough to receive thy bounty in constant Thanksgiving.


Thankful Farmers, Thanksgiving, HarvestThis picture was not directly related to the prayer above, but it does show a farmer and his wife who are giving thanks for their harvest.

A couple items on the same page also caught my eye.

The first was an article stating that 1956 had been a good year for fruits and vegetables.

The other was a handwritten note by my Grandma:

Thanksgiving of 1956 we spent in Omaha. Going up the night before on the ice to the hospital in Council Bluffs to see Harry’s dad. Spent the night with Elmers. Fried chicken for dinner. Then to the hospital again then home. Still icy.

It was a sad time for my Grandparents as my Great Grandfather Harvey Braman passed away three days after Thanksgiving.

This prayer reminds me that we need to be especially thankful for the farmers who grow our food.

Have you ever worked on a farm?


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Prayer

  1. Mom says:

    My farm family members always have a copy of this somewhere in their homes. 🙂

  2. Glenda M says:

    I lived on a farm. It was wonderful …

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