Bible Land Pictures

Today my friend Barry Britnell made A Couple of Announcements on his blog Exploring Bible Lands.

The first of the announcements reminded me of a blog post that I had planned on writing.

Exploring Bible Lands, Barry Britnell, Duttons, Ferrell Jenkins, Garden TombThe announcement was that my friends Trent and Rebekah Dutton are joining him on his blog and will share pictures from their travels in Bible lands.

The picture above was taken when I was in Israel with them in 2012. Trent and Rebekah are on the left, our tour leader Ferrell Jenkins is in the middle and then Barry. The young man on the right side of the picture is Rebekah’s brother.

The picture was taken at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. See: The Empty Tomb

Simple Bible History, Bible Land Images, Trent and Rebekah Dutton, IsraelTrent and Rebekah have a website (Simple Bible History) where you can purchase two photo packages.

Each photo package includes a helpful guide to the different landscapes, with a list of Bible verses and a short explanation of each photo, as well as a map showing where in the land of Israel the photo was taken.

Trent and Rebekah gave me permission to share a couple of their pictures in this post. They are smaller than the ones that you will get in the package.

Sea of Galilee, Mount Arbel, Arbel Pass, Landscapes, Simple Bible HistoryHere is a picture from the 25 Ancient Landscapes of the Old and New Testament package. Below is an example of the information that comes with the pictures.

In the Galilee region, one of the most notable features is Mt. Arbel. It is a sister peak to Mt. Nitai, forming a well-known pass in the Galilee region. There are only a few ancient passes in this area. Travelers from Megiddo, Nazareth, Jezreel, or any number of places west of the Sea of Galilee would journey between these cliffs on their way to eastern Galilee or somewhere northeast of this region.

This picture brings back memories of visiting the Galilee region with them.

qumran Wadi, Simple Bible History, Trent and Rebekah Dutton, Exploring Bible Lands, QumranThis picture comes from the 25 Ancient Places of the Old Testament package.

The picture shows the Qumran Wadi with a view of the Dead Sea in the distance.

To see pictures I took of this area see my post: Well Below Sea Level

If you are looking for high quality images to use in sermon or classroom presentations, this is a very nice resource.

Exploring Bible Lands, Barry Britnell, Trent and Rebekah Dutton, IsraelI am very excited that Trent and Rebekah will be sharing additional pictures on Exploring Bible Lands.

The other announcement that Barry made today was the dates of his next tour to the Bible Lands.






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